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Justin & Brianna Camm

   I met Randy at a dog retriever training club and after a few months I began telling him that my wife I were looking into buying a house in the near future. Randy was very knowledgeable about the lending programs available to us and he had the connections with lenders, contractors and home inspectors to make the buying process easier for us. He didn’t mind driving us up to the mountains to look for our future home multiple times and he made sure to show us all of the opportunities available in the areas we liked. Randy was very helpful in identifying problems within the houses we looked at and was able to steer us away from houses that we wanted to remodel based on his fix and flip experience. After working with Randy, I believe that he truly cares about his clients and that he is in the real estate business to find people the perfect home for them.


Dear Mr. LaCasse,

In May of 95′ I began in earnest, my search to buy a home for myself and my two children.   I was fortunate enough to be given the name of Randy Harrold,  One of your Real estate agents. 

  Randy started off by introducing me to a lender named David Satosky, so the search for a home began. So also, begins my nightmare.  Through the maze of title companies, loan adjustors, sellers,  underwriters and home inspectors, home after home Randy stood by my side unfaltering.  He took time to help me with mounds of paperwork, keeping my patience inn check, and always keeping my morale up.  Several times he ran documents around town for me when I could not.  Randy and I together ran into one brick wall after another. 

  I have Randy to thank for my being able to proudly call myself a homeowner.  Together he and David work outstanding as a team.  I will never forget everything that Randy has done for my family! 

  I highly recommend Randy and will always use him as my Realtor.


Terry Malone



Persistence was the name of the game!  Randy Harrold found a buyer for a property listed under a foreclosure situation but before he could close it,  the seller lost the property to the mortgage company.  Before Randy could put the deal together with the mortgage company, his buyer got cold feet and backed out of the deal.  Randy found another buyer, but before this buyer could close, The property was transferred to the RTC.  Randy didn’t give up, however, and after dealing with 2 different buyers and 3 different sellers, he finally got to the closing table.  Congratulations, Randy on a commission well deserved.





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